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Raising your website's profileSucceeding in SERPS – Search Engine Results Page – hinges on following Google Guidelines and a lot of hard work keeping your site fresh and interesting content. A stale site will soon slip down the search results, so success isn’t an easy path.

In 2010 Google issued their Caffeine Update which was a more rapid refreshing of the content in their index with new content rising to the top.

None of us are pleased to see outdated content in the results, we want to see what is most current. It is hard work to keep refreshing websites and making it more interesting, but it is a the price we pay in exchange for not buying advertising.

At Local Sites we will help you find a way to create content that your clients value and attracts new customers. Every niche has a speciality which can be mined; remember that you are an expert on your subject and take for granted so much that is a mystery to many.

One useful article every couple of weeks will soon build up into a very good resource that people will bookmark and turn to for help. If writing isn’t something you enjoy we can help put your words on the page.  Allow visitors to ask questions and the usefulness is helped massively.

Keep visiting Local Sites and see how your website can grow into a impressive shop window for your business.

Maggie Tattersall

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