Local Business Search Specialist

Google Webmaster Help Top Contributor

Helping Local Businesses Succeed

For five years I was a Google Webmaster Top Contributor, helping webmasters all over the world understand how to make their business website perform well in Google search. Trips to Google’s HQ in Mountain View as well as regular conversations with Googlers taught me how to make a website that ranks well in the search engines, specialising in local search.

Making Small Businesses Bigger

My speciality is small businesses. Building a website is just the beginning. To achieve good performance needs more work and we have plenty of help for you. On-site optimisation explains how to get the best from your website, giving it the best possible chance of ranking well and off-site optimisation explores the many ways of pushing your site to be more successful. Everything recommended is ethical and free – time is the only cost.

Small Business Services

Local Sites has a proven record of helping small businesses, and as a small business ourselves we offer a personal bespoke service, letting you pick and mix what we can help you with and what you feel confident doing yourself. Complete the local business search form, or telephone or email to have a no-obligation chat.

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