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Out of Sight? Hidden Threats to your Website

Hidden Threats to Your Website Most people don’t look beyond the appearance of their website – and why would they? They probably will never have discussed with their website developer the need for meta titles, meta description, image titles, descriptors and alternate text, the architecture of the website or careful use of keywords. These are […]

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Gaining Google’s Trust – The Must Have’s The Google Trust metric plays a large part in ranking websites so understanding how to achieve trust is important. An absolute necessity on every page is:- Name Address Phone The name of your business must be consistent everywhere it is published, your address must always be the same […]

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Understanding Search

Understanding Keywords in  Ranking Getting your website ranking well means understanding what Google is looking for on the page and within the entire website. First of all the website has to be discovered by Googlebots, which they do through following links from other websites, hence the importance of placing links to your website in directories. Links […]

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SEO Success Succeeding in SERPS – Search Engine Results Page – hinges on following Google Guidelines and a lot of hard work keeping your site fresh and interesting content. A stale site will soon slip down the search results, so success isn’t an easy path. In 2010 Google issued their Caffeine Update which was a more rapid refreshing […]

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