Local Business Websites for £99

Websites for local businessesLocal business websites should be like a shop window where new customers can browse and see what your products or services are, what sort of prices you charge and how to contact you easily. The further you go to meeting these requirements the more likely your website is to be successful. A website from Local Sites will help you achieve a site that works for your business.

We offer responsive, editable websites that cost just £99 published and earning for you; the following months grow the site, improving its visibility and usefulness and the rewards to you.

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 Better Ranking in Local Search

Local SearchRanking relies on various signals that the search engines read, both on and off the site. Getting it right is known as being search engine friendly, giving both search engine bots and human visitors a very good understanding of what is being offered.

Your potential customers must always come first when a website is being set up, but there are ways of presenting the content that help the search engines understand your website more clearly. This is search engine optimisation. A well optimised website will save a great deal in advertising expenses, carrying on delivering year after year.

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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO and search engine marketingSearch Engine Optimisation – SEO – is the key to websites earning their keep. The most wonderful website is worthless if nobody sees it, optimisation is a vital part of the process of developing a site, not just an afterthought.

On-Site and Off-Site Optimisation

Ranking in local search needs some skill and time. Ethical – whitehat SEO – keeps on working, making your site more successful over time. Trying to trick the search engines to gain ranking – blackhat SEO – and any short term success will be followed by a search engine penalty which will damage your website’s visibility forever.

Follow our advice for website optimisation and you should soon see your website perform better in the search engines. My five years as a Top Contributor on Google’s official webmaster forum helping webmasters from all over the world improve their websites taught me a great deal, knowledge straight from Google that will work for your website and business.

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